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12/21/2007 - C. Gordon Fullerton Makes Last Flight with NASA Photo

12/21/2007 - Sikorsky H-92 with Fly-by-Wire Technology Completes Flawless First Flight

12/20/2007 - QinetiQ Says Farewell with Last Ever UK Jaguar Flight Photo

12/20/2007 - NASA Dryden Receives Two Early Model Global Hawk Aircraft Photo

12/20/2007 - BAE Systems Completes Two Test Firings of APKWS from Army Helicopter

12/19/2007 - Second E-2D Pilot Production Aircraft, Delta Two, Completes First Flight

12/17/2007 - Missions and Memories of 2007 at NASA Dryden

12/13/2007 - China Lake Opens New Airstrip for Unmanned Systems Photo

12/12/2007 - Boeing Completes First Mission System Test Flight of Peace Eagle AEW&C Photo

12/11/2007 - BAE Systems Completes First Test of Autonomous Landing System

12/10/2007 - KC-30 Tanker Aerial Refueling Boom Completes In-Flight Contact with F-16

12/10/2007 - USAF Test Pilot School Graduates 147th Class

12/4/2007 - Raytheon Successfully Tests New Air-Launched Missile Defense System

12/4/2007 - AFRL, Boeing Demonstrate That UAVs Can Perform Automated Aerial Refueling Photo

11/30/2007 - Two AT-38B Talons Now Assigned to NASA Dryden FRC Photo

11/30/2007 - New C-130J Radar Warning Receiver Put to the Test

11/30/2007 - F-22 Endures Three Weeks of Cold Weather Tests Photo

11/29/2007 - Boeing Completes First Flight of Second KC-767 Tanker for Japan Photo

11/27/2007 - NASA Evaluates Compact Synthetic Aperture Radar Photo

11/26/2007 - AgustaWestland Completes BERP IV Rotor Blades Flight Testing

11/26/2007 - Northrop Grumman Installs, Begins Flight Testing New Radar Test Units on B-2

11/21/2007 - C-5M Undergoes Testing at World's Largest Climatic Laboratory Photo

11/21/2007 - RAF Typhoon's First 'In-Service' Bomb Drop Photo

11/17/2007 - C-5M 'Super Galaxy' Testing Continues at Edwards Air Force Base Photo

11/14/2007 - NASA's DC-8 Airborne Science Laboratory Returns to Dryden Photo

11/12/2007 - BAE Completes Design Verification for the F-35 STOVL Crew Escape System

11/12/2007 - Direct Hit for Eurofighter Typhoon

11/11/2007 - Gulfstream Flies Jet using Synthetic Vision and Enhanced Vision Systems

11/9/2007 - NASA Pilot Edwin Lewis Dies in Private Airplane Crash Photo

11/5/2007 - First Production T-38 Retires from NASA Photo

11/1/2007 - Bell ARH Program Exceeds 1,000 Flight Hours in 15 Months

10/31/2007 - First Flight of Typhoon IPA6 with Tranche 2 Avionics now in Flight Test

10/31/2007 - Boeing Continues to Log C-130 AMP Milestones

10/30/2007 - EADS Successfully Tests Fighter Missile Warning System on Danish F-16

10/26/2007 - Testers Time the Reaper's Ability to Deploy Photo

10/25/2007 - C-17 Makes First Flight on Synthetic Fuel Blend Photo

10/22/2007 - VX-31 "Dust Devils" Receive the New AH-1Z and UH-1Y Photo

10/16/2007 - Global Hawk Passes Fuel Test at 20 Degrees Photo

10/15/2007 - Typhoon Development Continues to Move Forward in UK

10/12/2007 - SOFIA Airborne Observatory Begins Flight Test Phase Photo

10/12/2007 - 40th Flight Test Squadron F-15B Becomes Target Photo

10/10/2007 - Famous NASA B-52 #008 Makes a Move at Edwards Photo

10/4/2007 - New Commander Takes Charge of Edwards AFFTC

10/1/2007 - Successful Flight Tests of Tranche II EJ200 Eurofighter Engine Performed

10/1/2007 - CV-22 Team Concludes Developmental Testing at Edwards Photo

9/28/2007 - Boeing Completes Eight-hour Flight of A160T Hummingbird Photo

9/27/2007 - Paveway II Dual Mode Laser Guided Bomb Fully Qualified for U.S. Navy

9/27/2007 - General Bedke Relinquishes Command of AFFTC at Edwards

9/25/2007 - Raptor Performs First Drop of Small Diameter Bomb Photo

9/25/2007 - Boeing Delivers First Production EA-18G Growler to U.S. Navy Photo

9/25/2007 - Northrop Grumman's KC-30 Tanker Successfully Completes First Flight

9/23/2007 - Cessna and Winglet Technology Begin Flight Test of Citation X Winglets

9/21/2007 - The Bundeswehr Technical Center (WTD 61) Celebrates 50th Anniversary Photo

9/20/2007 - NASA Dryden to Establish Aircraft Operations at Palmdale Site Photo

9/19/2007 - First Ever Shots of Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System from an Aircraft

9/18/2007 - NAWCWD Leadership Changes Hands at China Lake

9/17/2007 - Boeing Conducts Successful Test of SDB I Focused Lethality Munition

9/13/2007 - Second Eurofighter Typhoon Delivered to Austria Photo

9/11/2007 - Pratt & Whitney Qualify F135 Engine Test Center at Patuxent River NAS

9/10/2007 - First Demonstrations of Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS) Completed

9/10/2007 - First Unit of New Navigation System Delivered for Flight Testing on USN F-5

9/6/2007 - Boeing Successfully Completes First Test Flight of AEW&C Peace Eagle Aircraft

9/3/2007 - First Flight Tests with the EADS Obstacle Warning System for NH90 Successful

9/4/2007 - Seasoned Aviators and Engineers Learn Flight Test at TPS Photo

8/31/2007 - Lockheed Demonstrates In-Flight Beam Control for Airborne Laser

8/30/2007 - Boeing Resumes Flight Testing of Japan KC-767 Tanker

8/29/2007 - Change of Command at US Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division

8/28/2007 - Second Bell 429 Joins Flight Test Program Photo

8/23/2007 - KC-30 AR Boom System Successfully Completes Electrostatic Discharge Tests

8/22/2007 - NASA and U.S. Forest Service Partner on Wildfire Imaging Mission Photo

8/20/2007 - First Flight for the Royal Netherlands Navy NH90 Helicopter Photo

8/20/2007 - First Maiden Flight of HAL’s Dhruv Helicopter with Ardiden 1H/Shakti Engine

8/20/2007 - Aerial Refueling Boom System for KC-30 Tanker Passes Flight Test Milestones

8/15/2007 - Edwards C-17 Rolls in the Dirt Photo

8/9/2007 - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Acknowledges New Synergy Between EA-6B and EA-18G

8/9/2007 - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Acknowledges New Synergy Between EA-6B and EA-18G

8/8/2007 - Pratt & Whitney’s F135 STOVL Team Completes Propulsion System Test

8/8/2007 - Team Announces Successful Flight Tests of Miniature Common Data Link Prototype

8/8/2007 - Cessna Citation XLS+ Completes First Flight

8/8/2007 - SECAF Certifies Fischer-Tropsch Synthetic Fuel Blends for B-52H

8/7/2007 - Flight Test Demonstrates Improved Functionality for Joint STARS Operators

8/3/2007 - E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Makes First Flight

8/2/2007 - AFFTC Commander Pins First Star on Former 412th TW Leader

8/1/2007 - Pratt & Whitney F135 Engine Achieves 8,000 SDD Ground Test Hours

7/31/2007 - L-3 Flight Tests Miniature Common Data Link Terminal

7/30/2007 - C-5M Departs Edwards After Another Round of Testing Photo

7/30/2007 -  H-92 Helicopter Fly-by-Wire Technology Performs Successfully in Ground Runs

7/26/2007 - Airborne Laser Demonstrates Full Weapon System Engagement Sequence in Flight

7/26/2007 - X-48B Blended Wing Body Research Aircraft Makes First Flight Photo

7/26/2007 - ARH Program Surpasses 750 Flight Test Hours

7/25/2007 - Boeing Starts Flight Tests for Canada's First C-17 Photo

7/25/2007 - New Commander for AFOTEC

7/24/2007 - 418th FLTS Tests CV-22 Terrain Following Radar in East Coast Fog

7/16/2007 - Boeing-led Airborne Laser Team Actively Tracks Airborne Target

7/5/2007 - VH-71 Presidential Helicopter Test Aircraft Completes Maiden Flight Photo

7/5/2007 - Sonic Boom Tests Scheduled at NASA Dryden

6/20/2007 - Northrop Grumman Joint STARS Completes First Advanced Targeting Flight Test

6/20/2007 - F-35 Pushing Ahead on All Fronts

6/19/2007 - Northrop Completes First Phase of Airborne BAMS System Risk Reduction Testing Photo

6/18/2007 - Bell BAAC 609 Flight Test Continues Development Pace

6/18/2007 - Bell 429 Continues Smooth Sailing in Flight Test Program

6/18/2007 - New CH-47F Helicopter Completes U.S. Army Operational Test Flights

6/18/2007 - Boeing Completes First Flight of A160T Hummingbird Unmanned Helicopter

6/18/2007 - Boeing Completes JDAM Anti-Jamming Developmental Flight Test Program

6/14/2007 - Northrop Grumman Delivers Center Fuselage for First F-35 Ground Test Aircraft

6/13/2007 - Northrop Grumman Team Completes First In-Flight AESA Communications

6/13/2007 - Boeing Begins Mission System Flight Testing of First Australian Wedgetail Aircraft

6/11/2007 - Lockheed Martin Conducts Successful Tests for F-35 Electro Optical Targeting System

6/6/2007 - Final Hoorah for Eglin's Col. Joseph E. Zeis, Jr. Photo

6/4/2007 - US Air Force Test Pilot School Graduates 146th Class

6/1/2007 - Successful Design Review & Engine Test Bring Boeing X-51A Closer to Flight

6/1/2007 - SOFIA Airborne Observatory Arrives at NASA Dryden Photo

5/30/2007 - US Air Force Flight Test Center Museum Preserves Past Photo

5/24/2007 - NAVAIR Tomahawk Test Team Facilitates Successful Missile Launches Photo

5/23/2007 - Gripen Conducts High Altitude Firing with Meteor

5/21/2007 - NASA Rededicates Flying Observatory on Lindbergh Anniversary Photo

5/10/2007 - Bell ARH-70A Continues Development

5/10/2007 - Pratt & Whitney’s F135 Engine Powers Three Flight Tests within 48 Hours

5/10/2007 - CAESAR Completes Flight Trials on Eurofighter

5/9/2007 - BAE Tests Cable and Obstacle Detection System for Helicopters

5/9/2007 - AFRL Develops Partial Solution to Helicopter Brownout Photo

4/27/2007 - Boeing Starts AC-130U Gunship Flight Testing

4/26/2007 - NASA Completes First Checkout Flight of Airborne Observatory Photo

4/25/2007 - Boeing Flies Second C-130 AMP Aircraft for First Time

4/20/2007 - Growler Zaps Through Initial Testing Photo

4/20/2007 - 410th Flight Test Squadron Nighthawks in Rare Formation Photo

4/20/2007 - 452nd Flight Test Squadron Searches for Needle in Haystack

4/19/2007 - Boeing KC-767 Tanker Extends Wing Refueling Hoses for First Time Photo

4/17/2007 - First A400M VTP Arrives at EADS CASA Facilities to Start Structural Test

4/12/2007 - Boeing Begins Mission System Flight Testing of Upgraded AWACS Aircraft

4/12/2007 - BAE to Convert F-4 Phantoms into Target Drones

4/6/2007 - Edwards F-35 Control Room Ready for Flight Tests

3/29/2007 - Bell 429 Helicopter Continuing Paces of Flight Test Program

3/29/2007 - "Ikhana" UAV Gives NASA New Science and Technology Capabilities Photo

3/29/2007 - Testers End High-Energy Laser Tests and Dismantle ABL SIL Facility Photo

3/27/2007 - Two Test Pilots Join NASA Dryden's Flight Operations Staff

3/26/2007 - Northrop Successfully Completes F-22 Radar Flight-Test Certification

3/22/2007 - Eurofighter Typhoon Testing: 5,000 Flying Hours, Meteor and More Photo

3/22/2007 - Edwards Welcomes Back the Air Force's First C-17 Photo

3/22/2007 - BAE Celebrates Over 12 Years of Typhoon Development

3/21/2007 - First Export Eurofighter Typhoon Flies for the First Time

3/20/2007 - Airborne Laser Fires Tracking Laser and Hits Target

3/19/2007 - JDAM Scores Direct Hit in Australian AF Extended Range Tests Photo

3/9/2007 - Boeing KC-767 Tanker Offloads Fuel to F-15E Photo

3/8/2007 - The F-35 JSF Avionics Test Bed Arrives at Edwards Photo

3/8/2007 - Global Hawk Block-20 Arrives for 18-Month Test Period

3/8/2007 - Boeing KC-767 Tanker Completes First Fuel Offload to Receiver Photo

3/2/2007 - USAF 411th FLTS Tests F-22A Raptor in SDB Integration Photo

3/2/2007 - F-35 'CatBird' Avionics Test Bed Transitions to Lockheed Photo

2/23/2007 - USAF 419th FLTS Demonstrates Sniper Pod Capability on B-1B Photo

2/16/2007 - Second Boeing Dreamlifter Takes First Flight

2/14/2007 - Boeing Reports Successful Start to C-130 AMP Flight Tests

2/12/2007 - F-35 'CatBird' Test Bed Achieves Initial Goals Photo

2/12/2007 - Boeing KC-767 Tanker Extends Hose for First Time

2/8/2007 - NASA Awards SOFIA Development, Engineering Pact to L-3 Communications Photo

2/6/2007 - Boeing Demonstrates Increased Capabilities on B-1 Bomber

2/6/2007 - USN MH-60S ‘Armed Helo’ Completes Developmental Test Photo

1/26/2007 - Sentinel Undergoes Tests at RAF Waddington

1/24/2007 - KC-767 Tanker Completes First Contact With Receiver

1/19/2007 - USAF Airborne Laser Returns for More Testing

1/16/2007 - Test and Evaluation Begins on Guardian Anti-Missile System

1/4/2007 - Airborne Signals Intelligence Payload Takes to Air on First U-2 Flight

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